Writing a Personal Statement


By intlst.org Team
August 10, 2016

Writing your personal statement is critical for your college application. Basically, it is where you are telling the admission committee, in your words, why they should consider accepting you instead of the other applicants.

The competition, among the students, is high. Therefore, you need to distinguish yourself by writing a solid personal statement to increase your chances to get admission.

Unfortunately, many international students do not care about submitting a satisfying Application Essay. In fact, a bad personal statement may get you out of the competition even if you possess the required qualifications for admission.

Here are ten useful guidelines to write a good personal statement:

  1. Take your time thinking and write many drafts.

  2. Be honest and never copy/paste, use templates, or hire someone to write your personal statement.

  3. It is always good to read other personal statements and examples, this way you can create a good outline.

  4. Always, use a professional language avoid using slangs and informal languages.

  5. Make sure you fully understand the topic of the Essay and other requirements.

  6. Write about your strength (education, work experience, skills, and achievements)

  7. Grab the reader attention by writing a strong opening and a topic sentence.

  8. Stick to the limit may and avoid unnecessary details.

  9. Read your personal statement and review it.

  10. Read your personal statement to a friend or a family member, and consider others feedback and opinions.

If you have any further tips that you think it might help other students to write an excellent personal statement, please feel free share them in the comment section.

11 thoughts on “Writing a Personal Statement

  1. It might also be a good idea to have someone who is a fluent English speaker review it. I don’t think perfect language is always necessary are people are understanding, but there are a lot of subtleties in language that can be misunderstood.

  2. Writing a personal statement is so important and gives more detail about you to colleges, it helps to set you apart. Make sure your grammar and spelling is perfect. Make a good impression.

  3. Try to get into your reader’s mind. Create a list of questions you’d want to have answered if you were the admissions officer reading someone else’s personal statement. Then review your own and see if you’ve given good answers to the questions on your list.

  4. I totally get how it can be difficult for them to get used to our technology. But I definitely would love helping people who have these problems. It’d be nice helping them.

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