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Right from high school, it has always been the fantasy of many international students to go to college and universities to broaden their knowledge and skills on their desired career. This is the reason for the noticeable and considerable expansion in the rate of enrollment of international students for higher education in the U.S., over the last decades.

The joy experienced on getting the news of being admitted to your dream school in the United States is unarguably satisfying. The U.S. houses several top schools in the world that offer countless opportunities for many academic deeds; including extensive and high-class researchers to attain the very peak of the career you have always dreamt of reaching.

On getting to college or university, everything seems interesting at first, until you begin to experience some obstacles as an international student on U.S. soil. Acknowledging these problems led to the brilliant idea of developing an organization to counteract these problems adequately.

This is the “International Students Community” and we are extremely glad and appreciative to have you here. We understand the fact that as an international student, you have many questions that you need to be answered; and we are here to provide adequate answers to those questions.

However, in this section of our website, you will learn more about this non-profit Internet-based community organization. A brief description of who we are and what we stand for; the brains behind our establishment; an outline of the genuine and sacred vision that led to the establishment of this community organization; and missions to achieve our goals are explicitly available in this section.

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