Once again, you are very welcome to the International Students Community. Yes! You are in the right place because we are a support community that is dedicated to serving international students in the United States of America, 100% for free. We perceive you seem shocked that we plan to offer so much for free. Yes, we plan to offer so much and more with absolutely no fee attached, and there are reasons for that as you would get to discover under the “Who We Are” subsection of this website.

We plan to provide as many useful tips as we possibly can that would teach you as an international student, all you need to know about studying in the United States. We acknowledge the fact that many international students are faced with many questions and challenges right from the point when they want to apply to study at U.S. universities and colleges, up until when they try to blend in and survive in the strange environment and even graduation.

These questions, challenges and more are what we were established to help you with tackling them successfully, to have a pleasant experience as an international student all through your educational pursuit in the United States. Please explore every possible link and available information on this website as every page promises to take you at least one step further towards getting answers to your numerous inquiries. You can as well feel free to contact us directly if have any questions about studying in the United States.

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