Who we are?

We are a small and resilient team of international students who came, saw and conquered the seemingly difficult path of studying in the United States. We also had questions and concerns at first, but we got through all the nervousness that you are probably trying to get through now. There were times when we found answers to our numerous questions; and many of the times, we hardly had any support, but ourselves.

We dealt with many simple and major problems from the period of admission down to the last day of graduation. Some of the problems we encountered included; financial troubles, difficulty in mastering the true art of English, timidity while trying to express our views, making friends, the difference in the U.S. custom, culture and laws, food challenge and academic challenges, especially in understanding the professors. We believe you are starting to relate what you are going through with these.

Understanding the tasking and frustrating nature of these challenges made us decide to launch this absolutely free, non-profit organization through this website, to help you through all the tedious processes. We plan to spread awareness among most international students about their rights and obligations in U.S. schools; as well as explicitly highlight most of the challenges you are likely to come across and how best to solve them. We do all these for free because we are very willing and ready to help to the best of our abilities.

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