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You are welcome to our “Topic and Discussion” section. Here, we hope to provide adequate information on three important aspects of studying in the United States; Information about the demanding admission process; an outlook into the international students’ U.S. Life through a communication platform; as well as to provide useful educational links that you could explore and help yourself with in a unique way.

The concept is quite simple; we want to create a thriving platform for all international students to come together to share and discuss their experiences, tips, and stories about their most important concerns about studying in the United States. This is going to be a totally open forum where everyone is somebody, and there would be no restrictions as to how much you can voice out your views as related to studying in the U.S.; with other existing and future international students.

You will be able to post comments under each subject or discussion page to add new information or to answer others peoples questions. This way, you will be helping us to achieve our goal of creating a formidable and interactive “International Students Community”.

Although we could provide as much information as required from us, we created this platform in believe of the famous quote of Ronald Raegan which states that –
“We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone.” Team

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