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 "Communication leads to community, that is, to understanding, intimacy and mutual valuing."
Rollo May

This is the platform of maximum communication among international students. On this platform, you have the opportunity to share the various stories of how life has been for you in the United States.

The comment section is available for use to air your ideas, views, experiences or useful information about studying in the United States. Guess what! There are many other international students present on this platform waiting and ready to hear you out, while replying to your comments, and at the same time sharing their own experiences to make this platform grow into what it should grow into – a family of international students.

The U.S. Life platform is also an excellent way to meet and make new friends by communicating directly with other international students and exchanging useful and valuable information.

This is a bold step towards achieving our aim of solving your numerous questions and challenges as regards studying in the United States, and we do hope you also find it as useful as it was created to be, so that in the long run, you complete you education in the U.S. with less stress and more pleasure.


7 thoughts on “U.S. Life

  1. This website will be most useful to many students studying in the United States. There is some great information in here and I’m sure as you grow there will be even more beneficial information. Kudos to you for creating this and best of luck.

  2. I believe that self confidence is a major hurt for international students. But actually there is a lot of US students that have the same problem. Not as much as international students because they would probably feel lost in our world of technology. I think international students would need a lot more help understanding and getting used to being in the US. Very good article “International Students & Self-Confidence”.

  3. this is a great site. I’ve known quite a few international students who have difficulty being in the us. i hope this community continues to grow

  4. This is an informative website. My Mom had international students live with her and she really enjoyed it. She still keeps in contact with the students.

  5. our niece has a 16 year old girl (Amanda) from Poland last week she got injured in a soccer game and she is having a hard time because she wants her mom.

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